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Bayou Jolie, Texas Longhorn Cow

Located on Wakefield Plantation near St. Francisville, Louisiana, and north of Baton Rouge, we began raising cattle in 1978.  After a brief period of running cross-bred cows, we moved to a purebred operation with Registered Texas Longhorns in 1981. 

Through the years we have continued to improve our herd adding new blood lines from the rapidly developing quality in the Longhorn breed. We have introduced progeny from Hunts Command Respect, WS Amazon, Texana Van Horne, and Cowboy Tuff Chex. Our participation in the CV Cowboy Casanova syndication was very successful and we are now using a Casanova son, RJF Liquidity, as senior herd sire. We are currently breeding heifers to our exciting Cowboy Tuff Chex son, Sugar King Tuff, measuring 66" at 24 months.

We have also added Hunt's Command Respect genes with a brother and son.   Currently we are adding JP Rio genes with a son of WS Amazon and Texana Van Horne, RJF Excelerator, pictured on our bull page. We also have a beautiful Cowboy Tuff Chex embryo transfer daughter out of Bayou Bliss that we are proud to add to the herd. As you perhaps have found, Texas Longhorns are a captivating and compelling breed.  We appreciate your interest in our program, and would be happy to talk Longhorns with you or have you come by for a visit.

Bayou Jolie
Dixie River/Bayou Ruby


We love our Longhorns 

Longhorns have many outstanding traits.  Among our favorites are hardiness, easy calving, gentle disposition, and adaptability.  We are also enamored with horn length and shape, color of hide, and energetic, nimble calves.  Our friends also find them irresistible. Sharing them with friends is another of the joys of raising Longhorns in Louisiana.




Nap time!
Headed for the barn!

Nap time!

Headed for the barn!


Texas Longhorn Bull

Bayou Favorite PH570, Texas Longhorn Cow

Bulls of Rocking B

Our Bulls are some of the best available! We began with the Emperor/Butler blood lines so successfully used by Johnnie Hoffman. Further Emperor breeding was introduced with Dixie River(Emperor/Delta Nicole) and River Captain(Dixie River/Bayou Rose), both  honored as World Show Champions.  Butler genetics were enhanced with Mojo Magic(Aces Mojo/Aces Dollie), Coach Tommie (VJ Tommie/Coach's Sweetheart) and his son, Tommie Gun, out of Bayou Brandy.  Hunt's Command Respect's son, El Elefante was recently used and his calves are very impressive, adding many of his daughters to our breeding cows.  This has also been the case with daughters of Cowboy Casanova and Terrific.  Our latest calves are by RJF Xcelerator and are most promising and colorful.

Cows of Rocking B

Our successful breeding has produced a large number of outstanding females that we have built upon to establish the herd we have today.  Our proven and productive dams are the backbone of our program! Many of them are shown here, while others have joined other herds through private treaty or sales.  They continue to work well with newer bulls to give us great optimism for our herd and the future of the Longhorn breed.


Texas Longhorn Heifers

Texas Longhorn Calves!

Heifers of Rocking B

It is the beauty of the young heifers that continues to improve which gives us the most excitement and encouragement as a Louisiana longhorn breeder.  Their horn growth exceeds that of the previous year, along with overall conformation. We are also proud of the gentle disposition of our cattle passed on to their offspring. This year's heifers promise to be the best yet!

Calves of Rocking B

Our calves are the lifeblood of the herd.  This year's crop promises to be the best ever, with outstanding color, conformation, and projected horn growth.  We calve in the spring and fall, looking forward to these times with great expectation.  Come visit and see if you don't agree that our calves are some of the best around.


Beautiful Wakefield

In 1987, when added numbers of Longhorns required more pasture, we were fortunate to acquire Wakefield Plantation.  Built in 1834 and adjacent to our other pastures, it has provided the perfect setting for this old and proven breed.  They thrive in the healthy grasses and find shade and rest under the large live oak trees.  Sharing our Longhorns and this historic antebellum home have provided many pleasant and memorable times.


Wakefield Plantantion, Louisiana




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